Electronic chemicals can be catagorized


By Type:

Silicon Wafers

PCB Laminates

Specialty Gases


Wet Chemicals

CMP slurries

Low K dielectric



By Application:

Semiconductors & Integrated Circuits (IC)

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s)


By Form:





Electronic chemicals are primarily high-puritychemicals such as photoresists, wet chemicals, acids, gases, and solvents and electronic materials such as wafers and laminates. These products are used for electronic applications such as semiconductors, Integrated Circuits (IC) and Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's).


Based on the types of products electronic materials market & electronic chemicals market can be classified into eight segments such as, Silicon wafer, PCB Laminate, Photoresist, Specialty Gases, CMP slurries, Wet chemicals, Low-K dielectrics, and others. Silicon wafers constitute the major global market in electronic chemicals and materials and are widely used as base materials for the manufacturing of semiconductors. PCB laminates are widely used for manufacturing of printed circuit boards.