Swimming pools construction

Having a swimming pool at home is everybody's dream! To have it not only gives you symbol of status, but also happiness brought to family and friends which is priceless. Yakuhin builds energy saving pools and supplies swimming pool maintenance products and training so that you can reduce maintenance costs of having a swimming pool while enjoying it guilt free. Yakuhin breaks the myth of high swimming pool maintenance so that you can make your dream a reality. We provide fengshui advice, interior design, safety advice as well as landscaping to make your swimming pool an impressive one.


Is my house suitable for a swimming pool?

We try to make your dream possible by examining your house design and size be it a bungalow, semi-detached house, or even a terrace link-house.


Depending on your budget, we build only cost effective but impressively designed swimming pools. For your rough idea, our pool will cost approximately RM18 per cubic foot onwards. For example, a 10'W X 30'L X 4'D pool will cost RM21,600 (excluding decking and landscaping).


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